Fagolli’s high-efficiency 12V 80W motor is optimised for AC and SOLAR powering option for swing and bifold gate’s operation.


green energy innovations


Minimal parts,
minimum maintenance

Compatible with
most gate layouts

Fagolli’s engineering has made the QSx concept possible. All our products and systems are designed to reduce the number of active components while ensuring the highest functioning standards, keeping the effort of troubleshooting and repairs to a minimum.

  • Plug-and-play installation & maintenance

  • Simple & easy instructions
  • Hassle-free repair
  • DIY Enthusiast & Handyman friendly

One-For-All Engineering

Unlike conventional systems, this new machine has been designed to fit a large control board into a small motor body. This compact smart motor eliminates the need for additional wired connections to an external main control box.

Adaptable To All Home Configurations
– Flexible When Sourcing A Power Supply

The F2552 system can be powered the conventional way using an AC power source.
However, the system stands out when conventional power sources are unavailable.

This new design provides users with multiple options to power the system.

AC Power Configuration

For homes with pre-existing underground wiring (minimum of 2 cores), we recommend connecting both motors directly to a
power box.

Suitable for:
Locations with pre-existing underground electrical wiring.

This set includes:
F2552 Motor Driver x2, Powerbox x1, Transformer x1

Solar Power Configuration

For homes where the gate location receives direct and consistent daily sunlight, we recommend solar panels be installed on top of the gate pillar or awning, connecting them to our dedicated power box to power both motors.

Suitable for:
Locations with consistent direct sun exposure,
without pre-existing underground wiring.

This set includes:
F2552 Motor Driver x2, Powerbox x2, Solar Panel x2

Customised Powering Options

For customers who find our generic AC and Solar Power Options less suitable for their unique gate layout, the F2552 is designed to flexibly cater for niche cases, such as sourcing AC power from existing pillar lights, and many more.

Packaged To
Suit Your Needs

We provide flexible configuration options for your household needs. All F2552 motors come in a standard pack. From there, complete your purchase by selecting the AC power option, solar option, or further customised options.

F2552 Features

SoftGlide Motion

  • Significantly reduces stress on the gate

  • Smoother gate movements
  • Enhances gate safety
  • Improves energy consumption efficiency

Fagolli’s engineering team has crafted a revolutionary innovation in the household automatic gate industry, the SoftGlide Technology – achieving the smoothest start-stop motor system.

This smooth start-stop motor system allows the gate to conduct gradual speed changes, helping the autogate to reduce jerk or sudden changes in acceleration.

Armed For Safety : ANTI-SPY Remote Control

Fagolli’s remote control is armed to prevent hackers from remote control cloning. Our brand new ANTI-SPY remote is designed to generate a new, unique code upon each gate operation session.

A conventional remote is programmed to transmit the same code for every use. This allows burglars to gain access to your home by replicating the signal.

In rare cases when a hacker is able to intercept and clone your signal, our ANTI-SPY technology will prevent the same signal from operating the gate again.

Multifunction Remote Control

Anti-Duplication Lock

The Pairing function allows users to conveniently grant gate access permission to guests, contractors or cleaners.

However, when the Anti-Duplication Lock is enabled, the remote stops pairing with another remote, thus ending their access permissions, giving you full control once again.

Fagolli’s own QSx concept vastly simplifies the installation, maintenance and repair process for all Fagolli products, living up to its Quick and Simple idea. Whether it involves a plug-and-play product, or the display of clear maintenance notifications, any users or installers are able to perform installation, maintenance or repairs without hassle.

This is made possible as our products and systems are designed to reduce the number of active components, keeping the effort of troubleshooting and repairs to a minimum.

By lowering the barrier to installation, more people are able to easily install our operating system.

Simple Maintenance & Support
2 Steps: Easy Troubleshooting & Plug-and-Play Replacement

Step 1:
Users or installers to conduct QSx troubleshooting in two simple ways:

Check the blinking LED on the Power Box and Smart Motor

Switch parts between motor systems

Step 2:
When a device fault is detected, contact our head office and we will send you a replacement for the faulty parts for an easy plug-and-play fix.

Caution: Non-experienced users are advised not to fix or change parts for AC power configuration systems as high AC voltage can be dangerous.

Fagolli F2552 Technical Specifications

Maximum Rating

(per wing)
Max width (m) Max Weight (kg)
Swing Gate 2 150
Folding Tracked Gate 4 200
Folding Trackless Gate 3.4 150